Математичке академије

Наш труд и залагање за квалитетније знање код свих ученика препознати су од стране многих установа и појединица. Издвајамо оне установе и фирме које су препознале и помогле залагање Математичке академије:

Banca Intesa

Welcome to the world of Banca Intesa, which we have been carefully building in Serbia as part of Intesa Sanpaolo group for 17 years. We sought every available opportunity to apply our potential, especially our knowledge, our innovation, but also our considerable international experience, so that we could thus contribute to the domestic economy and improve the standard of living for our countrymen.

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Jedan keks od koga je sve počelo. Već duže od 4 decenije Jaffa cakes širi optimizam i mami osmeh na lice generacijama. Uvek sa tobom.

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We gather enterpreneurs with the grit to bild the next tech revolution in the Web3 space by launching ventures that push the boundaries of the unknown.

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What began in a shared office suite on the outskirts of Las Vegas has grown into a global gaming studio with offices on three continents, a collection of award-winning titles, a network of world class business partners, and a passionate community of loyal players.

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AVL Projekt

AVL Projekt je ovlašćeni zastupnik renomiranih svetskih proizvođača profesionalne audio opreme i rasvetne tehnike, video projekcione i LED opreme, trussing sistema, kao i konzumne, HiFi opreme.

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MVP Workshop

MVP Workshop’s specialty is bringing blockchain-based products to life.

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